Thursday, July 20, 2006

The woman in the shoe...

I am in quite a spot in my life. I realized that other than some parttime freelance gigs here and there. I've been out of the fulltime working world for SEVEN years.
I've been thinking about going back to fulltime PAID work lately. Because frankly, I feel like I just may lose my mind if I don't. It is not that I don't have enough to do. Lordy no....
The reality of it is that I don't know if the work will necessarily keep me from losing it. There are so many aspects of this to consider.
I'm giving myself a little more time, perhaps it is just the age of the baby, maybe hormones.The problem is that going back to the working world I knew before kids is just not a desirable situation for our family now. I would work a 9 hour day and have a two hour commute. I basically wouldn't see my kids. Then why did I have them?
Anyway, I am going to wait until school starts and see if things get better. For now I just may lie down and wait for the feeling to pass.

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