Thursday, July 27, 2006

getting out

I took the boys to our local Whole Foods Market for storytelling time. Teaming up with the library this store holds a weekly time for storytelling with organic snacks and drinks for the kids and really good coffee and pastries for the parents. That, frankly, was the main reason I took them.
I decided to get some really good coffee for the house. Since the coffee I wanted was gone, the coffee bean lady said she would roast me some. She scooped raw coffee beans into a large roaster. Hot air started to pump into the roaster and the result was beans popping up in a tall clear tube. I would guess this contraption was about 9 feet tall. The boys were so thrilled to watch the beans swirl in the tube like a pop corn popper. They thought it really smelled yucky though. What do they know.
I also signed up for a wine class at the cooking school they have there. That won't start until August, but I'm sure it will give me something to blog about.

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