Saturday, July 22, 2006

latest pictures 7/22/06

We made these t-shirts before the baby came. We made little guys out of the boys' foot prints and when the baby came we added his to the right, which you can't really see in this picture. I had to get a picture of these since K is about to outgrow his. My three sons
The evidence for the tooth fairy. Taken moment after K ingested a baby tooth. (see earler post) I tell K I love his jack-o-lantern smile.
Q loves to show off and entertain guests when they come. This is his latest attempt. (This is one of the few show-off pictures I have where he is not wearing underwear on his head. I've go tons of those pictures)
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Bobbi & Tom said...

I just love those shirts.....I remember when we came for a visit, they had those shirts on! I love your blog, it nice to see picture's of everone and we feel closer to you!

Ruth said...

great pictures.