Saturday, October 03, 2009

Baby no more

Have I mentioned how much I do NOT enjoy planning or throwing birthday parties for my children? I know this is not a statement that will move me up on the mother of the year rankings, but tis true. I do enjoy going to other parties that other people have thoughtfully planned and taking home a goody bag at the end of it.
We approach the 4th birthday of my third son. We celebrate much -- the child speaks, he goes to the potty and does what he's supposed to in it (90% of the time.) He can recognize letters, numbers, shapes. This was the boy that seemed lost in his silence for what I can only call the lost years.
So he needs a party really. A few weeks ago we went to Ohio to witness my niece's wedding. It was a traditional celebration complete with flowers, song, dance. The boys enjoyed all of the festivities. After we ate, danced and celebrated for hours, I dressed the baby in his night clothes so he could just be plopped into bed when we got back to our friends'.
"Mama, was this my birthday party?" he asked as I pulled up his PJ pants?
"Yes it was," I said. "We need to thank Uncle Rob."