Sunday, July 16, 2006

crawling and crud

KC is all over the place. He continues to do his push-up and then propel himself into a belly-flop on the floor to get around. We've been trying to move his legs to get him to do the standard baby crawl, but he really just has his own way about things.
I am entering that really rough time when I have to super safety guard everything and clean the floors like crazy.
Since he is all over the floor he has begun to find the stuff you never knew was there. Q came over to me while they were playing on the floor and said "Mama, the baby is chewing gum!"
Turns out it was a pink rubber band. Luckily I got it in time.
Also you know how worms look after they get baked on the concrete. KC had one of those in his mouth once, turns out it was a dried old piece of spaghetti.
I also found a small blue piece of crayon wrapper that had made it through his system. Seems that the passing through the system is a theme around here lately.

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