Wednesday, December 19, 2007

mERry christmas

I haven't been doing the blog. Life has been getting in my way.
But I am still awake at 2am after an exhausting day.
I'm almost too tired to fully describe the craziness of it all.

I walked into the pediatrician's office with one thing and left with another.

We went in for an ear infection for the oldest and ended up with a day in the ER for the youngest after he ingested a pill he discovered underneath a chair.

There was a little bit left of the pill that the doctors in the office thought it might be a cardiac medicine. It was enough of an unknown that poison control called for an ER for monitoring.
Despite the fact that there was about 3/4 left of the pill, the pharmacy wasn't able to tell what it was. Which I find amazing that we can pore through the DNA of king Tut, but can't figure out what may have poisoned my baby, especially when I walk in with it in my hand.

In the end, he is fine. I will never be fine. That is just the way I roll nowadays. Especially after I have watched the movie The Wiggles Space Dancing five times in a row. I was begging for Dora, Barney, Tinky Winky SOMEONE to rescue me from my wiggly hell.

In my "free time" instead of blogging or even (gasp) watching TV (that is NOT the Wiggles), I've been learning sign language, researching childhood apraxia, finding more treatments for him.

I've gone amazon, crazy, medieval, psycho, in your face mama on this kid. I've gotten him to say his own version of "brrrr" for cold today which was my victory, but I"ll take it.

I am a tired mama, but aren't we all. Would I trade it? Not for a minute, well maybe a minute, or 20 minutes, but then I would come to get it back.