Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Swallow your pride

This morning while eating the first of several installments of premade blueberry pancakes. (see earlier post)
K was panicked. "WHERE'S MY TOOTH?!" he shrieked.
After an extensive search, it was no where to be found. It seems that he devoured them with his mama's deeeelicious pancakes.
He was caught between a flurry of laughter and tears. The tooth fairy the tooth fairy.....what to do about the tooth fairy!!!??
I explained we could just write a note and explain the situation. Surely the tooth fairy would understand after all this could not be the first child to swallow a tooth.
He appeared somewhat relieved but demanded that we document the situation with photographs to accompany the note.
After eating, he felt the tooth may be ready to make another appearance, which lead to a detailed explanation of the digestive system and how it won't be appearing that soon.
Rest assured we (at least I) won't be looking for it.

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