Monday, February 22, 2010


Perhaps, it is because I miss my mom. Perhaps, it is because I am desperately for my kids to have grandparents in their lives. Perhaps, it is because I want someone else to look at one of my kids and see that he is a beautiful, smart, compassionate child of a most awesome God.

I guess I just want someone to see what I see.

Yesterday, I got a taste of this when the boys' 'Aunt' Patty spent the day with them and gave me the best gift of all. Patty is not related by blood, but has been at each of the babies' baptisms. The boys have known her from the beginning and think she is an aunt.
Before she pulled away in the driveway she said, "I left you a surprise." I found it later as I was going to my oft frequented spot-- the refrigerator. She left a letter in which she wrote about each boy and saw them for what I know they are, but often can't see because I am too busy correcting their manners, breaking up their fights and getting them to clean up after themselves.

"Q - is very practical and loves to share his thoughts! He has a great sense of humor. "

" K - is creative....and protective of the other two....and has a great deal of compassion for KC, helping him and encouraging him to 'try again!"

"KC is definitely secure being the little brother. He knows that K&Q are always there for him! Again a sense of humor that is so innocent but so quick! He has no trouble speaking his mind!"

It is the human condition to be acknowledged and seen. . It is the mother's condition to have her children acknowledged and seen.