Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jon Stewart

He's just so funny. I hate to admit, if I'm crunched for time. His Daily Show maybe the only bit of "news" I get....and it is usually while I'm folding laundry.

This week he is broadcasting from my home state of Ohio. If you haven't seen last night's version, it replays a couple time throughout the day...I think there may be a repeat show at 8pm. The top of the show for anyone that lives there now or is from there.

I'll be updating soon with Halloween pictures of GI Joe, Captain Police Dude and their canine friend.

I've talked the boys into getting Kit Kats and Snickers for their mom.

Monday, October 30, 2006

strange day

When you attend the children's halloween party and a neighbor compliments you on your witch's wig....only you aren't wearing one.....that's a bad day.

How is it my baby can be in the 19th percentile for his body weight and yet his melon head is in the 90th percentile?
What kind of freakish family are we?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Rain Rain....

It rained today, all day.
The baby crawled after me biting me on my legs, my shoulders, my arms, all day.
Q followed me all day...."Mama, pick a card. Mama, stand like this. Mama, let's dance. Mama, you want to play school, mama mama mama mama."
K came home from school. His neighborhood pal, followed. Four little boys, yelling, bouncing, jumping, biting....
I ate cake and Doritoes to help me feel better.
It worked for a little while.

I sit on the floor typing with my keyboard at eye level.
No chair.
My new craft room
with piles of furniture and junk pushed to the middle.
That is why not many updates this week to my blog....
Things still messy.
All day.

KC as he turns one

KC protests when someone takes something from him.
Mr. Cutie with one of his new bday gifts
KC and one of his favorite books.

He like monkeys and makes the monkey sound when we ask him. He also started to sign "milk" and "eat". He has started to take his first steps this week...the max number is about four though. He can also show us his hair and belly when we ask.
This is when it starts to get fun. The baby starts showing that there is a real person in there and that all those months of endless talk and care are starting to show up in his personality.
He really is a good baby. A really really good baby.

Monday, October 23, 2006

i give

K wanted to be a mad scientist for halloween. I looked all over for a lab coat and the odd wig or something. After running all over town looking for the kid's size lab coat or anything resembling it. I decided I would have to cobble something together on my sewing machine.
But today I worked my motherly magic in the aisles of Walmart, pushing the merits of premade Superman, ninjas and other things I had no idea what they were. K spotted the camo. Army commando!
Despite my concentrated attempts to keep my boys free from warfare in any organized sense, I caved in today.

I don't let them play with guns and frequently launch into a very anti-second amendment speech....you know how guns are for killing and yes, killing would be ranked as a bad thing. Unless of course you are fighting bad guys...and that is where things get tricky. Then of course, you'd just use your arm lazers.
And I really don't like the boys wearing camoflage gear of any kind, army, hunting...you know the basic killing machine kind of stuff.

But in the aisles of Walmart I had great inner struggle. Terminator dude comes with a plastic grenade, water bottle, helmet and knife. Full blown costume for $12, no sewing required.

After all just because a kid dresses like a pirate, ghost or grim reaper, doesn't mean he'll be one. right?

Sometimes I think waaaaay too much.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Tragedy of a lost enchilada

Chaos pure chaos....
My house is all upside down. I can't find a thing.
In addition to the baby's $22 shoe that is MIA, I have lost assorted things which includes my mind.
I selected a book for next month for our ladies group to read...."Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons." I picked it mostly b/c I liked the title and I already had it. Now I lost it.
We have also misplaced a child's school bag. Again.
Socks oh the poor lonely socks in this house.
While driving Q to school the other day, I noticed an entire pan of chicken enchilada on the floor boards of the van. After a trip to Costco, the boys (large and small) unloaded the car. The enchilada secretly hid between the seats before sliding out to give me a nice howdy-do a day later. The enchilada is still there...in my van, ripening.
I still have the three kids, which is a good thing. Mostly because they keep following me around, looking for provisions.
And I don't even have an enchilada to offer them.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

how do you measure a tuesday

8 -- number of diapers changed
3 -- number of times I loaded the dishwasher
2 -- number of times I ran the dishwasher
8 -- thank you notes
1 -- load of laundry (still unfolded of course)
5 -- number of times I ran to the preschool and back
98.35 -- amount I spent at Target
15 -- number of individual meals served today
3 -- number of times I swept up after a baby's meal/snack
3 -- butts wiped besides my own
12 -- times I said "Quinn --stop yelling....turn your voice down....if you scream one more time..."
3 -- babies birthed by my friend (all in the same day)
4 -- bills paid
1 -- $22 baby shoe lost
44 -- amount for another pair of baby shoes

why is it I got nothing done today?

Monday, October 16, 2006


My darling hunka let me sleep in today. I feel like a teenager waking up at 9am. wow.

My house is in even more chaos than normal. After KC's fete de bebe, things are all over the place. Plus, we moved all my craft room furniture downstairs so we can create an office for Hunka. I absolutely hated moving my place of peace downstairs, but my "crafts" aren't exactly making us any dough.

This is what happens after that first year of the baby's life, you look around and say whoa, I gotta do something about this place I've been living in unconsciously for the past two years of pregnancy and baby days.

I'm inspired to paint my new space purple.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I got my hair done today. Roots, cut and a straight blow dry....All in time for me to come home, eat a hot dog, mac and cheese, plant five pansies, three snap dragons, write in my blog, move some stuff around the house, watch a couple of my shows...and go to bed. A couple neighbors walked by while I was planting pansies as night fell, I made it a point to tell them I got my hair done. Sounds like something a four year old would do right!?... but a four-year-old wouldn't spend $95 on getting gorgeous.

I should probaby take a picture of my hair. In fact that blurry dreamy picture of me kissing baby KC was taking on a day I got my hair done the last time. Just refer to that picture for reference

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Friday the 13th

I'm writing this today, because the festivities may just be too much on Friday the 13th that I just may not have time to jot a note.

I have a weird superstition about the number four. So much so that when we delivered our last baby, the nurse told us we were to go to delivery room number 4. Hunka Hunka looked at me with great understanding as my face and eyes filled with panic and fear. He turned around and asked the nurse if we couldn't have another room, without implicating his neurotic wife. The nurses reacted with disbelief and rolling eyes, but we were sent to room number ONE, thank you very much.

That day was October 12th, 2005 around 10pm. They next morning was Thursday October 13th and our third son rolled into the world as healthy and beautiful as could be. Of course, all thanks to room number ONE.

It reminds me of the book and movie Where the Heart Is where a pregnant girl lives in the Walmart and has a weird unrational thing about the number five. As she labored in one of aisles certain she was about to give birth, she looks up and sees that she is aisle number 5. She crawled to another aisle to deliver her baby. All I could think about was Oh I hope she doesn't go to aisle number four!

Number 13 not a problem. Number four, no thanks.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

what happens

I sat among the five loads of laundry sprayed all over the living room floor. It was that fatiguing time of day, you know it, when you want to eat a back of chips and gallon of chocolate chip ice cream (oh wait, that is all the time)
Somewhere between checking small tags of underwear to see if it is a size 6 or a size 4, I lie down among the piles of clean lumps.
When I opened my eyes, I wasn't sure how much time as past. I felt a clutching panic in my chest. I had fallen down on the job. The two older boys played in the room next to me.
"Where is the BABY?" I asked in a panic.
They looked at me, as they should, with wonderment as to when exactly they became the responsible grown up.
We sprinted around chasing all the dangerous corners of downstairs, shouting at each other. Then I saw the gate to the stairs was open, my heart sank even more. We noisily clammered upstairs. When we hit the the baby's nursery doorwary, the baby startled awake from a deep slumber.
How is it I can forget chunks of my day? How can I forget where I put the baby?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Columbus Day

Do we say that? Happy Columbus Day! Probably not PC.

I'm out of whack today. I've got the oldest one home today b/c of parent teacher conferences. He's usually the one we are running around for. Q still had school.

The baby is on the verge of walking. In the past week, he has become more like a little person. He's started doing little baby tricks on demand. Like slapping his head when we ask him, or clapping his hands. He appears to have a funny little sense of humor forming, too This what has to happen when you are the third born. You have to show dramatic changes to get noticed around here.

My jeans shopping adventure proved somewhat successful. I did find a pair of jeans that looked decent, which is all I can ask at this stage of the game. My sister said she can fix them to fit my freakishly large saddle bags and proportionately smaller waist. She's good at things like that.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


The four year-old boys are apparently playing some version of rescue or super heroes on the preschool playground. I occasionally hear "oh, Kyle is batman," "Some girl was being the monster and we had to stop her....."

But who it this new character?.....start super hero music here....

"Able to check your time card for any inaccuracies, able to jump off the swing in a single bound....look down the hall, it's a bird, it's a plane....NO IT'S SUPER-VISOR!"

Don't ask me where he got it but Q has determined he is not Superman.... he is Supervisor!

He received a Superman shirt with a big "S" on the front of it for his birthday. He insists it is perfect for everyday of school and I must wash it immediately when I deem it too disgusting to wear any longer.

He insists that Supervisor doesn't fight bad guys (which is a popular goal in Q's life)....no no none of that. I haven't really found out what Supervisor does yet. I think he may hang out by the water cooler and check the fridge for left over lunches.

The adventure continues...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

short and pudgy

I spent three hours today trying to find a pair of jeans. What a grueling and mentally depleting adventure.
Of course, I'm a year out from giving birth. I don't know how much longer I can defend myself with the "I just had a baby" excuse.
A youngish teenish girl asked if she could help me as I walked into a store. I told her I needed something for a short pudgy girl like myself.
Ah well, all of their jeans are cut for "long, slender waists," she said.
I certainly thought this Miss Skinny Pants was joking, until she said she believed my size was the largest they carried.
She handed me a pair of jeans she thought would fit me....size 7 Regular!
I told her to double the width and cut the length in half.
My friend says I was just asking for trouble and perhaps I should add bathing-suit-shopping to my to-do list as long as I'm up for the punishment.
I bought nothing today except for an outrageously expensive first pair of shoes for the baby.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Mad as...

I'm hopping mad.

I am following this news about another perv, this time in the US Congress, Mark Foley. This comes after watching another Oprah show about men who think kids really enjoy being molested.

I am sickened by this and mad as hell. I don't know what to do. I wrote my congressman, two senators and both gubernatorial candidates.
blah blah blah.

My mom always said that child molesters should be castrated. I agree completely, but castration is only a first step. If the castration for some reason won't work, repeat offenders should be extinguished.