Wednesday, July 19, 2006

today july 20th

#1 son is quite the reader. He has ripped through the first 25 of the Magic Tree House books. In fact, I picked up three books recently from the library and by the time I had gone to Costco and Walmart he had finished them by the time we pulled in the driveway. We are always looking for something fresh, age appropriate and yet challenging to read.
So last night, I started reading the original Winnie the Pooh to the two of them. Even though the older one thinks Pooh is kinda for babies, the book is really not. So as we read the first part of the book I remembered we had a video that goes with the story. (thanks to my faithful So. California readers! ...Michiko you remember bouncing up and down on the couch shrieking when you got scared or excited during a show?)

Anyway I digress, the Winnie the Pooh video right....#1 son had watched the video ad nauseam when he was 2 and 3 years old. But he must have forgotten, because he was laughing and howling from the comedy.

#2 son is very into music lately and doing shows. He has two new CD's from my cousin which he listens to ALL the time. Whenever someone comes over he makes s/he sit and watch his show, even though he doesn't really have the music down yet.

We spent about an hour at the pool first thing in the morning. That is the only time I can really bare the heat, plus with a baby and all, we need the shade and the cooler temperatures. The baby slept for a brief amount of time, which gave me an opportunity to do part of a sudoku puzzle. Someday I'll be one of those moms who sit by the pool reading and sipping a Diet Coke while the kids play in the pool. But for now, I'm in there holding a baby, encouraging Q who is still getting the hang of the swim thing and playing underwater communication with K. (usually not all at the same time)
Thanks for leaving your comments, I really look forward to them. It helps to know that someone is reading these mundane thoughts and I'm not writing into the darkness.


Michiko said...

Hm. Pooh. I know I had to have watched it because I still can sing the theme song. I have moved on to a higher form of Pooh fandom. My AP European History teacher, Mr. Ford, is a crazy bald man from Ohio. His favorite books include "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Making" and "The Tao of Pooh." When we were learning existentialism he kept on waving the book around and telling us the correct pronunciation of "tao". So I haven't actually read the book yet but, Fordy has scared it on to my list.

Daniel Fuller said...

This gives me a chance to reply into the future. What Michiko forgot was her consistent reply at a certain age that Pooh was her favorite movie star.