Saturday, July 15, 2006

the handsome prince

After much deliberation. #1 son decided he would attend his girlfriend's birthday party today. Birthday parties normally don't cause him pause in the decision to attend or not, but in this case the girlfriend is a twin, so it was double whammy estrogen packed gathering of princesses. Every kind of princess, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and even some kind of flapper girl. He decided he would go in his boyfriendly supportive role.
The attendees were encouraged to dress as their favorite character. Seeing as it was about 134 degrees outside, the full blown padded black masked Batman costume was out of the question.
So off he went in street wear to a party complete with 40 six year old princesses and one neighbor boy who was dressed as a sweaty spiderman. He asked me to hang around for a while, until he felt comfortable being left with a backyard full of beauties. I finally left him, though I don't think he was really ready for it. I promised to return early.
As I returned life-sized Cinderella and Tinkerbell were leaving with their boxes of face paint in hand and a relieved look in their eyes.
This girly gathering stands in stark contrast to a birthday party which we crashed yesterday. As we approached our next door neighborhood pool in the morning, the 5 year old birthday boy was standing at the gate beaming saying "come in there is pizza and cake coming!"
The gathering had a "army guy" theme complete with a real GI Joe, army reservist in camouflage. Everyone played and swam in the pool with camo beach balls, ducks in military garb and ate great pizza, and yummy salads. I never thought I'd say this but the military themed birthday party, which we weren't even invited to, out-ranked the princess ball, hands down. I am so glad I have boys.


Ruth said...

Great story about brithday partys.
I really enjoy your blog. It seems like I feel closer to you and the pictures are great.

Michiko said...

I agree. My memories of girly birthday parties are filled with preteen catty fights over the best dresses and crying at midnight because someone at the sleepover was attracting more love than the birthday girl. I'm sure boys at their worst aren't half the trouble us ladies are at that age.