Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Comforts of home

I'm about to talk food here. Slimy raw food, so if you are squeamish, now may be a good time for you to look for some bargains on ebay.
People ask me if growing up my mom made Japanese food for us. The truth is even now with a few years behind me and some worldly travels under my belt, I'm not sure. All I know is what I see other families eating and let me tell ya, it ain't nothing like my house.
Times have changed the way we eat and cook food. I remember my mom taking chicken or hamburger out of the freezer and it sitting out all day in the sink until it thawed. I would never dream of doing that now. Or Easter, hello, how many of us ate those hard boiled eggs out of the basket after they had sat on the kitchen table all week?
So we grew up eating lots of rice of course. But one of our staples was hot rice with a raw egg cracked and mixed in with a dash of soy sauce. Even my brother and sister, who I can safely say are waaaay more picky about the food they consume than I am, eat this quick easy dish.
I hadn't eaten this egg/rice mixture for about 20 -25 years, then suddenly when I was pregnant with son #3....I HAD to have that.
So as you know there are tons of things you cannot have while you are pregnant and raw eggs is clearly one of them nowadays. But I discovered pasturized eggs, which kills all the deadly stuff without cooking them.
They are more expensive, but when I get a hankerin....that is where I go. And if anyone is even THINKING of trying this at home, please step away from the Uncle Ben's or any other minute rice. No one will get hurt. Please do not do this to yourself or your family. Life is too short to eat terrible rice or drink bad wine.

So this is what I had today. The baby was asleep the two older ones watching some show. I was on my own with my raw eggs and rice. It is heaven. It is home. It is my comfort food, through and through.
I also recently made a trip to the Japanese grocery store for a bag full of tsukemono, which can only be described as pickled seasoned veggies and such.

To my Japanese readers, what do you call that raw egg/ rice/ soy sauce mixture????

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Anonymous said...

oh my, mom eats that raw eggy dish quite often. it amazes me that i am forbidden to lick the spoon we used to make brownies (when she's looking)but she can heat that stuff up and it passes the salmonella test. whatever. she's doing the low carb thing right now so she can't eat it anymore.
-michiko rei