Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I can fly

Today I broke up an argument. The two were fussing at each other about some sort of thing, "I CAN TOO!... NO YOU CAN'T... YES I CAN...you get the idea.
Q was insisting he could fly. K was adamant that he was the only one in this house who could fly. After I tried to convince the older one that it wouldn't hurt anyone if he would just allow his younger brother to SAY he could fly. Afterall, K couldn't really fly. K insisted with all seriousness that he indeed was the only one who could fly.....he went away silently for a time and came back wearing this get up....
Captain Safety proceeded outside for a flying demonstration. Q was so excited to go outside and see what was going on he forgot he was only wearing underwear.
Unfortunately gravity was not on his side. Being six is really great though, isn't it?
Mr Cutie
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Ruth said...

you are such a good writer. I enjoy
reading about all the adventures.
keep it up.

Michiko said...

oh my gosh! the swing thing! wow. you have to have talent to land correctly with that. otherwise you get the crushy shaky feeling in your ankles

Dan said...

This has nothing to do with flying. Although the ability to fly is necessary througout your life, it seems to leave you when you hit the double digit years. I have no theories why, it just does. The main reason for the comment is the new layout and background. I like it.

tj said...

they are always coming up with something aren't they. great, writing by the way.