Thursday, June 25, 2009

end of June

Last day of VBS is tomorrow for the two oldest boys.
They have expressed their annoyance and embarrassment of me writing about them, chatting about them with other people. They told me to stop writing about them on Facebook.
I remember feeling the same way about my mom when I was a kid, minus the blog and Facebook thing of course, but for crying out loud I had a beauty shop full of women to contend with.
It is cheap therapy for me, of course, and I haven't even really hit the terrible stuff.
speaking of .... I turned 41 yesterday, I ate myself silly to celebrate. One of my favorite restaurants is Flying Biscuit and I am determined to try everything on the menu before I fly to the Big Biscuit in the sky.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Worm Farm -- part one

A couple of months ago, our mailman Barney delivered 1000 red wiggler worms to our front door. We began our quest to start our own vermicomposting project.
You can sense the joy (or is that fear and disgust) on the face of the children. "What has our mother gotten us into now?" I know, I know, I'm a mind-reader.

Our friend owns a landscaping company and supplied us with plastic flats that potted plants come in. We layered kitchen scraps (vegetable and fruit peels, egg shells, paper towels, paper bags and even a pair of cotton socks) in the trays and stacked them inside this blue Rubbermaid container.
The amazing results to come in pictures to come.....
Garden update...
We've got yellow squash and cucumbers coming out our ears nowadays.