Sunday, July 09, 2006

House of Blues

So what to do with 3 pounds of blueberries? The answer this morning is blueberry pancakes.

You should know this about me, I am the queen of bulk. It would surprise most that I put off getting a membership to one of those big discount warehouse places until last year. Having three boys that can really put the groceries away feeds my compulsion.

This morning I made an entire box of pancake mix and sprinkled blueberries in each one. After feeding the troops, I finished cooking the rest of the pancakes and let them cool on racks. After they cooled I put them in the freezer. Then all we have to do when we want pancakes is pull a few out, put them in the toaster hit the defrost button and voila. Hot pancakes without the mess. (I am all for consolidating messes when I can too)

Q and K have come up with a new imaginary play. It is called "Mayor/Police." It involves speeches by the mayor and crowd control by the police man. Q also made a sign that we taped to his back that identified him as the policeman.

Many of K's statements start with "Do you know?...."
This morning it was "mama, do you know..... I am an inventor?" This morning he and his brother came up with parachutes....actually walmart bags tied together by the handles with a rescue hero guy in one. They threw him off the two story foyer to see if the "parachute" would work. I'm not sure all the different methods they tried. I just kept hearing the crashing sounds while I was making the 1200 pancakes. Somethings are better left unseen.

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