Monday, July 10, 2006


Today's diversion from the real world...Dark, dark chocolate and Sudoku.

I've just discovered sudoku. I'm hoping it will curb the brain decay that comes from my mommy-brain. (sure I can multi-task....but I repeat myself, I say the same thing over and over again. I've been known to apply hair gel to my face because I thought it was moisturizer. I've also put things in the microwave that needed to go in the refrigerator. I've also applied a face full of makeup and then put moisturizer on top of it. Oh and sometimes I repeat myself)

The dark chocolate is just for the antioxidant properties. right.

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Daniel Fuller said...

Ah, Sudoku. For me it began with just the one in the paper each morning. When I traveled, I did the USA Today puzzle. Then I found I needed more, particularly on air planes and certainly in airports. I began to purchase booklets and then a real book to occupy time. Now I can spend several hours working on them on the patio on a Saturday morning. Compulsion, I think not. I agree with your assertation that is a way to avoid brain rot. I am convinced that all age related memory/thinking illness can be avoided by doing these puzzles. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

I am enjoying the blog. I am especially fond of the picture of the push up kid (aka KC). The picture you sent us of him in the towel is one of the best.

Take care,