Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mabel and Chester

There are mountains of laundry around this joint. Some wet. Some muddy. Some dripping. Some clean. Most are dirty.

My washing machine finally said, "enough!" and bit the dust. Moment of silence please.

R.I.P Sears Kenmore 80 series May 2001-March 2009

Okay....So my new models are arriving this Saturday. I have polled my Facebook friends asking if it is inappropriate to embrace the appliance delivery man when he arrives. My friend Paula says, "
Only if he'll do a couple of loads of laundry first!"

I like that about Paula, so level-headed.

So I have decided that perhaps the new models need names, to make them feel at home, to make them work harder, to make them want to stay for more than a decade, to make them love us .....

Mabel and Chester. These were the names of my dearly departed paternal great-grandparents. I feel a bit guilty for not having named any children after them. But come on.... Mabel? Chester? No wonder we nicknamed them "Bom" and "Chet."

In my mind, my new appliances are bright burgundy red, glittering, shiny and new, but I then remember that I didn't want to spend the extra 300 bucks for colored appliances. So they are white, shiny and strong, true to their names.

Mabel will, of course, be the washer: hard-working, super efficient, tough on spots but with a gentle cycle. Chet will be the dryer. An easy line here would be because he blows hot air and spins in a circle, but anyone that has ever met quiet, sweet, tiny Chester knows better.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

cake in the oven

I've got a chocolate cake in the oven and a diet on my mind.

Just got back from an hour of Zumba.

The boys are healthy. The baby is still a handful. He is different, way different than the other two.

The transmission in my washing machine is on the blink. But if I stand on one leg, rattle the wash cyle button and sing "Bicylce Built for Two," I can fix it.
So I am shopping for a washer and dryer. As are most projects I find myself in, it consumes me.