Monday, May 12, 2008

if i could bottle this stuff

...if i could bottle the crazy funny personalities in my life, I'd have a great SNL skit.
There is a woman that I talk to very little, in fact I try to avoid her at every turn. However I find myself cornered frequently. Even more unfortunate, K and Q are the same ages as two of her kids.
So I am amazed at what she can fit into any casual conversation to let you know how...."smart, talented, athletic" any one of her three geniuses are. Some people send those Christmas letters that detail every moment of their amazing year, well she sends that letter twice a year, Christmas and June because one letter a year couldn't cover it all. I wish I were kidding about this.
Today, we stood in the kindergarten hallway as our two boys sat coloring waiting for their screening tests to begin.
I asked her what she was going to do now that her youngest was off to kindergarten in the fall. "I'm thinking of more marathon training, since I'll have from 730 to 230 free. Or maybe I'll try a triathalon."
My eyes glazed as I slipped into a daydream about what I would do with all that new found time....after all children got on the bus, I would go back to bed, sleep until noon, watch some TV, order a pizza,...oh my options just are endless. Notice how training for a marathon, didn't even rank?
Now you should know that I am reading A New Earth, so I am on my way to enlightening living and was fully conscious that my ego may be challenged by this rascal of an earthling.

"Make sure you write first and last name," she coached her five-year-old, "upper AND lowercase."
She asked me about Q starting school and if I felt he was ready. I said he would do kindergarten again since he has his birthday a week before the cut off. (this is his first year in the public school) and I am doing this in hopes he will have an easier time with his school and social life over the next 13 years.
She then told me how her two older girls have summer birthdays, she sent them and they do fabulous. They are both in the TAG (Talented and Gifted) program, advanced math...there it was. I was wondering if she would be able to slip it in.
She hadn't heard a thing I said. What is that? my ego talking? why do I feel I must smack her.
Enlightenment is not easy to accomplish when you have kids...just look at Jesus and Buddha. Both dudes, very cool, peaceful, very enlighted....but no kids.

Friday, May 09, 2008

the baby

He can hear.
I love how I already was figuring out how to smash -- get fitted for hearing aids -- into our schedules.
I am really quite amazed how the panda playing the drums and elephants playing trumpet are ways to measure, but I think they have it down.
on to the next crisis.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

hands in the air

I took the baby to the doctor today.
Just to follow up on his development.
The doctor asks if his hearing had been checked, which seemed odd seeing as how maybe she should know.
Then I find out TODAY that at his 2 year-old check up, he failed his hearing test, which was seven months ago.
He failed his hearing screening test again today.
Tomorrow we go to the audiologist for a full hearing test.
Believe it or not, when the nurse told me today that he failed the test, I was relieved. Maybe this will be the answer to why....
I'm no longer relieved.
Now I'm just sad, mad and worried.
More tomorrow....