Friday, July 14, 2006

can't see the RR for the 4 hour drive

This morning my two older boys were in full land of pretend doing shows and playing ship. I thought it may be inspired by a show we saw yesterday. I loaded up the three boys and took them on a road trip to my talented cousin's childrens play.
So during some moments of rare quiet, I asked my oldest boy what he liked best about yesterday. "Ahm, probably riding in the car," he answered.
WHAT? Are you kidding me? The RIDE IN THE CAR?
Flash forward to 9am yesterday morning as I attempted to set up a laptop computer with a DVD movie for the trip. With everyone buckled in their seats and the steamy sun starting to beat down on us in our driveway. I sweated and swore for 40 minutes while I tried to get the durn thing to run. I called the techno hubby who offered no help. I finally turned it off and headed down the road videoless.
I also remember the trip home when at about 9pm the three year old while still strapped in his booster seat had managed to stretch horizonal to stick his feet in his older brother's face. To retaliate for something that I'm sure I didn't see happen to him earlier. Then I issued threats I never thought I would make....something about pulling the car over (in 7 lanes of metro highway traffic) and inflicting dire consequences on the inhabitants of the mini-van.
So funny that among this and other things "The Ride In the Car" should rank up there in the highlights of the day.
Well I gathered myself, what was it about the ride in the car he enjoyed?
"Oh I saw a railroad track," he said. And then at somepoint he looked back and saw the RR sign that marked it. (We don't have railroads of note where we live.) We also crossed a very memorable bridge at some point. Because he went into full detail about the fantastical structure of it .
I don't remember seeing a railroad or that amazine bridge I told him. That's because, he said, mama you were too busy driving.


Ruth said...

Only through children's eyes.

Bobbi said...

Your kids are very percious, just love there coments!