Friday, July 07, 2006

Tomatoes in the garden

Q and I went to the garden today to look for tomatoes and blueberries. We had very mild temperatures today with the high around 82. I admit that I am a spring and fall gardener because the summer is just too hot for me to be messing around outside. The tomatoes I planted have come up, as well as tomatoes that have sprouted from last year's tomatoes that rotted and seeded into the ground. We have a ton of tomato plants, but since we haven't had much rain this year they are pretty skimpy. Oh I should mention that I don't water gardens either.

So since the temps were great today I was outside with Q. We filled up his play wheelbarrow with dozens of cherry tomatoes and a couple smallish regular tomatoes. Q calls the cherry tomatoes "Chick-fil-A" tomatoes since he always asks to eat them from my salad when we go there.

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