Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Perspiration and inspiration

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Enough with the heat already. I'm over it. I've actually turned our AC down because of our outrageous bills. Which means I'm always a little sticky and oh how I hate to be hot.
I'm back at the Starbucks tonight after a long hiatus from my writing. I have to get back in the groove again. I usually start my night by reading a few of my favorite writers on line like
Anna Quindlen and some columnists from the Newsweek lineup. I started reading Anna's stuff in college when she was a columnist for the NY Times. At that time she was in her 30's and had cut back on her work to raise three little kids. Little did I know that my life would imitate her in a small way 20 years later....minus my weekly column for the Times, but never mind that.
I also enjoy
Catherine Newman. She's my age and a great writer. She writes the way I wish I could about my kids, stuff like, "but when she smiles at me, my heart soars out into the clear blue."
I say stuff like, "My head's about to explode. Where's my Zoloft?"

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