Friday, August 04, 2006

bouncy bits of joy

Took the boys today to a mom's worst nightmare or dream come true.....a bouncy palace. This is the latest trend in the world of suburban moms. Large inflatable bouncy castles, slides and obstacle courses all in one large building.
While the two older boys bounced their way to an early exhausted night's sleep, the baby would peacefully snooze under the loud hum of the fans pumping up the bouncy paradise. I would tap away on the laptop using the free wireless and writing well-thought out words while sipping a Diet Coke.
And like most ideas gone wrong, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Well let's just start by saying the baby never slept, ok, which wasn't that bad because he is not a fussy baby so he just sat there looking around. We had the whole place to ourselves for about the first 45 minutes, which allowed ME to bounce and slide with the boys without too much embarrassment.
Then THEY arrived. If you are frequent visitor to my blog you are aware of an earlier archived post where I chronical the princess birthday party my oldest boy attended. Well THE girlfriend arrived by pure coincidence; I swear no moms planned an accidental date. Along with THE girlfriend was her twin, her other 4 year old sister and at least two more girlfriends.... all wearing cheerleading outfits.
Something happened in the jumping mayhem, I'm not sure.
The girlfriend's mom and I just took it as someone must have bounced into the other. But I think K must believe in the true meaning of the term "EVIL TWIN."
I did hear the girls whispering to the girlfriend, "Just how much do you know about this boy?"
"We are going to have the wedding in 'The Incredibles' castle."
When we left, the boys were glad to be going. The sweet girlfriend followed us to the door, hugged her boyfriend (from behind...he was afterall trying to get away), and said "Good-bye...Oh I love you so."

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Ruth said...

I cant't wait to see a picture of this girlfriend. All that bouncing must be good for something.