Monday, August 28, 2006

A Kappa Mom in an Alpha World

Q starts his first day of preschool today. Today he'll go for one hour. Tomorrow, he will go a full "day" which is three hours.
Here we go...the first of many long car pool lanes, waking a sleeping baby to go pick up the older one, packed lunches with forgotten spoons, and the Alpha moms oh the Alpha moms....
You know them. They are the vigilant moms (over) involved in the lives of their children. They run the PTA, the school board, the teachers... They volunteer at the school with the goal to delve and spy on the lives of their children at school. They are the watchdogs. The doers. They come up with the most elaborate gift baskets for the silent auctions and the most beautiful well-thought out and funded presents and sandwiches for the teacher appreciation luncheons.
Most have had careers before and now their children are their career.
Perhaps I am a Alpha wanna-be. I think I am more a Beta mom....maybe a Kappa mom.
On MY first day of kindergarten, I walked to school by myself, though my mom tried to convince me that all the moms walk their kids to school on the first day. I would have none of it. I was big now and was determined to go it alone. I think my mom stood on the sidewalk in front of the house and watched me walk the two block to school across two streets and one alleyway. That was it.
She told me after second grade I was on my own in the world of education. She would not help with homework or anything related to school or the various projects required. She said her lack of confidence in the English language really stunted what she could help me with and I would have to go it alone. It was perhaps one of the best things she did for me.
So here I am a Kappa mom with an Omega mom upbringing in a Alpha mom world.

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Dan said...

If it is any consolation, from days in software, alpha software was not all that good, it eventually broke, and corrupted data. In the beta test, if you only had a thousand errors reported you were doing pretty good.