Friday, August 18, 2006

Of heroes and the like

We are all about heroes these days namely, Higglytown Heroes and Resue Heroes. I just finished playing Rescue Heroes....usuallyI get to be the lone girl "Ariel Flyer," but she must be on a solitary rescue in the dark lonely land of lost toys. Today I had to settle for "Seymour Wild." Seen above as the green guy in the middle.
I can rescue for a very limited time before I get a little bored.
The Higglytown Heroes just bug me. I usually have a very high tolerance for kids' TV shows, after all they are the electronic babysitters of my day. But this show is just annoying....picture Weebles or Russian nesting dolls that bounce around singing in a bizarro world of ordinary heroes in our lives. Let's celebrate....the street sweeper, the 100 year old aunt that talks about town get the picture.
There is the show's "pizza guy" too. He has been turned into a super cool Higglywiggly in our house and we are often quoting his lines...."Cheese ya later..." We ordered pizza earlier this week and Q stood at the door taking the real pizza guy's picture while I paid him. Q even followed him outside to get a picture of him getting into his truck. Posted by Picasa

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My Kids Mom said...

Hey tell Q that "Uncle Jack" is a real pizza guy! I can send you pics if you want.