Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Little bits of freedom

The baby is sleeping. I have to do a quick clean of the house, mostly the floors to keep baby from eating toxic chokables.
The two boys are at a friend's for a play date. The mom says she'll feed them lunch. I love her sooo very much.
From now on, I'm planning to ingest large amounts of food and drink that I have not been able to enjoy whilst I have been pregnant or nursing for the past 20 months (but who's counting?). I just may stop and get a real sushi lunch before picking up the two older boys.
Yesterday, we went to a Mexican restaurant with pals and the waiter was really generous with the Diet Coke. I just kept drinking the cool fountain beverage, and he kept pouring. Later that day, the right side of my face became numb. There have been a few times when that happened before (my hand would also feel tingly) and I wondered if it was from drinking too much diet pop. Now I think there may be something to it.
I've been trying to pay more attention to what I eat and how I eat afterwards. I do think I should limit the pop just like when I was prego, but ew I really love it so.
Off I go...

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M&M Mama said...

Gotta love that Northern lingo...
You don't hear "pop" much, down here in the South. This is that land of SODA. Or even just Coke!