Monday, August 14, 2006

First day of the rest of his life

Today was the first day of school and this was his face as the bus approached..... Great huh? But you should have seen mine. I made it through the summer!
K obviously loves buses, wants to be a bus driver when he grows up. He will of course have to work that in with his mayoral duties.

K wore this shirt on the first day of school last year. He told everyone at the bus stop about it. One of the dads asked if he would wear it again next year...."maybe" he answered. It is a lucky shirt. Who knows in about 6 to 7 more years, he just may be wearing this as a belly shirt as he boards the bus to Jr high. Posted by Picasa

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Ruth said...

let's hope he keeps up enthusiasm by the time he is jr high. the picture is a classic