Thursday, August 10, 2006

day in the life...maybe not

Every year round about this time, I make a scrapbook titled "A Day In The Life." I take pictures and chronicle everything that happens in one day. I usually pick a day where nothing special is going on.
This year I don't know that I have the energy to do it. School starts on Monday so really I should do it over the next three days. But Hunka has been off this week on vacation, and we planned to get all the things done on the ever growing list.
Hunka had a little accident yesterday and got seven stitches in his finger. Today we went to Costco for the antibiotics. The Mayor made a hat out of paper which had a "M" circled with a rough drawing of the scales of justice. The hat looks like a cheap chef's hat.
The policeman has a new/old shirt he has deemed his policeman shirt mostly because it has a patch on the chest. The shirt is a hand me down from his cousin and he has worn it for two days straight. In the store, the policeman rides in the main part of the cart while the mayor pushes.
Baby has started to wave and make vague sounds that sound like the English language.
Tomorrow is a new day in our life....maybe I'll feel like it then.

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