Thursday, August 24, 2006

birthday boy

Q turned four today.
It was quite a day. He got to be the boss all day and do whatever he wanted.

Tonight at dinner as we bowed our heads over a Chuck E Cheese pizza, Q said, "Thank you God for balloons. Thank you God for cake. Thank you God for candles. Amen"

Q saw a guy singing some really hip song called "Meltdown" on the "Today" show. He quickly became obsessed with this Justin Roberts and his Music. We checked out his website and ordered a CD. We did have half of the "Meltdown" song recorded on the DVR, and I bet that we have listened to that half of a song close to 50 times in two days. Today since it was his birthday he got to listen to it as much as he wanted. He even had two friends come over to play and was thrilled to be able to share his new musical find. His friends however do not share his appreciation for this hip artist.

I'm not truly capturing the thrill of the day here, mostly because I am so tired. Because Q was happy today so was I.

I have to admit....I even enjoyed Chuck E Cheese. A place I've been know to avoid at all cost. I think I may have even used the phrase...."feels like sticking sharp piercing needles in my eyes."

All three boys are asleep for now, sleeping hard after pizza, chocolate rainbow cake, numerous frantic dances, tickets and tokens....I'm on my way too.

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Dan said...

Fortunately, M. never demonstrated much interest in that particular place. Now I did introduce Sandra to Chuck before we were married. A good friend from college came to Pittsburgh to have his daughter evaluated at Childrens Hospital. The little girl wanted to go there and no one was going to say no. Now that gives you an idea of what a big-time, good-time guy I am