Friday, September 08, 2006

Triple the load

I'm starting this new little thing. I've taken a bunch of pictures of the junk around my house and will be posting them on my blog. It gives me a new way to look at the clutter and dirt that is my home. I hope you enjoy.

I really don't mind doing laundry. It just seems that it never ends. I do find myself saying as I reload the same bunch of clothes back into the washer because I've forgotten about them and now they have a fowl locker room smell, "Well at least I don't have to go down to the river and pound them on the rocks...again."
I also think about people with more kids. Say my friend who had twins and then two years later....TRIPLETS. ouch. I think of her while I do laundry.
I also think of my friend that adopted a toddler from Russia and gave birth to a baby, all within a few months time and is now pregnant again....TRIPLETS. triple ouch.
I recently gave her a laundry basket and diapers. She may not have thought about this yet...but she will need more laundry hold all the stuff she can't get a pinch, kids can go in there too.

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