Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I've got a gummy little secret

You should know this about me...I'm a bad bad mama.

I am entering the confessional
....forgive me blogger for I have sinned...

You see, I give my sons vitamins whenever I can remember or whenever their spinach intake is not what it should be.

I got a fabulous deal on Gummy Bear vitamins at Costco, by the way. They also make sour gummy bear calcium vitamins, And they are deeelish. So coming out of being pregnant, nursing and plus this genetic disposition towards osteoporosis-...I NEED to take extra calcium, right.

The truth is....I eat the boys' gummy bear calcium vitamins (at 15 calories a piece). A LOT of them. In fact, I eat more of them than the boys. And the really bad mommy part comes when I leave only the lemon flavored ones for them. I don't believe they should make those yellow ones anymore. (But then again, what would the children have?) Just like they should never make lime flavored Tums. (again a memory from the prego days)

You know....Hunka and I also eat stuff when they aren't looking....like ice cream and chocolate pudding. Sometimes they catch us, "Mama, what do you have in your mouth?"
I will look at them with my chipmunk cheeks filled with my winter stash and wide deer eyes staring into the headlights, "Broccoli and mashed potatoes," I mumble hand over my mouth being careful not to let them see.

Another interest point for my mother-of-the-year application.

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