Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mud, sweat and tears

I'm in between soccer games. Q is playing with the mini-kickers 3 year-old program. He is the big man on the field because he didn't make the cut off b/c of his late birthday. What a difference a few months makes at that age.
Their t-shirts say "Mud, sweat and tears" and really it is mostly just tears and mud. I think three -year olds are hilarious playing soccer. I mostly just spend my time laughing. There are usually three kids that stand on the field and cry, a couple that just stand and grab their winkies and the rest clustered around an immobile ball.
Q was so proud of himself. He scored a goal and then the coach put him in the goalie position. He blocked all the balls.The kids were dropping like flies out there. Our team started with five kids. The other team had the end Q was the last one standing as the goalie and the other team had about 4 kids left.

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