Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mercy Me

Finally. Finally the weather is where it needs to be, cooler nights and fair days.
You know my struggle living in the Alpha mom world right? Well in my feeble attempt to try to do better for the lives of our children, I volunteered to be the grounds mom for my son's class.
I knew I was about to find out some awful truth when nobody volunteered for it. (curiously, no one did last year either, but since I was 8-9 months pregnant, no doin)

So I walked past each classes' little area of garden as I walked around the school to our class' section. Not too bad I thought, a few weeds here and there. A little weed tuggin, some compost, pansies and mulch and we'd be on our way.

I talked to the teacher about getting the kids involved so they could feel some ownership of the area and watch with educated wonder as spring bloomed with the bulbs we so lovingly planted months ago.

Then I rounded the corner and was struck with jungle fever. GW Bush could fix the energy crisis with the amount of switch grass growing there. Vines had covered and strangled the little shrubs. The plastic weed barrier that I found buried there was apparently merely a suggestion.

My "helpers" and I worked for over an hour. My "helpers" eventually found some sidewalk chalk and started writing signage pleading for mercy and begging others to come help, pull the weeds from their dehydrated bodies.
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hopmom said...

Hey girlie!! So, you gave me this about a month ago...did you think I would ever make it here? I love reading about your family. The boys are just too cute! Are you sore from pulling all those weeds?

Finally checked out Lynn's site and wow am I learning alot from that. Her kids are just as incredible as she is. Thanks for giving me the links!!