Saturday, March 10, 2007

dog obsession

OK so I haven't posted lately because I've been feeding my dog obsession. I spend every free moment reading about dogs and looking for dogs on
My hunka has been amazed how much time I'm online looking for dogs. He concedes perhaps it is better this way that at least I'm not meeting in chat rooms with other men.
There are two promising dogs. I'm going to meet them on Saturday the 17th.
I have been approved for adoption, which was a real nail biter. I've heard horror stories from friends that were turned down after the home visit. One person had a leather couch and the foster mom thought that would pose a problem. Another person got the "nay" because she didn't have a fence. Small point that she wanted a chihuahua.
My friends indulge me as I talk over every facet of dog ownership.
My biggest concern right now, other than whether or not the dog will be a good match for us, is that my hunka wants to go to Florida for spring break. Doesn't sound like a good time to get a dog right? If I wait until after the break, I'm worried that someone will get that magical dog I have my eye on.

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sand said...

I couldn't live without my dogs...literally... I was having a meltdown the other day after work when I was searching and couldn't find the car in the high school parking lot that M drove that morning. We sometimes need to share cars, and since I work a few blocks away I walked in the 98 degree sun, in my work not walking clothes. I worried that she never made it to school, was in the hospital, or worse.. I thought I had to go into the school and ask for her, "Was she there?"...after I made many unanswered phone calls to her and her dad, she called and whispered into her cell phone from science class, that she parked it in a different spot. Equivalent to about a mile away. Oh man, I was in tears by then....anyway, the dogs were as happy as could be to see me come home, so I put on my running shoes and shorts and took the 3 of them on their 2 mile walk as I usually do after work. after all that, I was revived, they keep me sane.