Tuesday, March 06, 2007

bye bye binky

I just spent the past four hours or so in my kitchen preparing food that my children would not eat. I did get them to help clean the kitchen though so all is not a loss.
I'm trying to fatten up the oldest boy who is just skin and bones since he's been sick. Not that he was exactly a porker to begin with, but one flu spell and you'd thing he'd been sitting in a refugee camps with an empty bowl and flies on his eyes.
I also went to the doctor's today for a bone scan and blood tests. It sounds worse than it is...it is just part two of a physical that I started last month.
Somehow, I got my cholesterol down to 134 which is what I wish I weighed, but never mind.

I can say this with confidence now.....drumroll please....we have broken the baby of his pacifier habit. I thought it would be harder and more painful than it has been. We had to wait until he was completely healthy. He was using it mostly to sleep but it started to get silly. He'd wake up crying in the night 3 or 4 times because he couldn't find his binky. I'd go it fumble around slapping the mattress looking for the holy grail. I even used baby links to attach it to the crib rail, but he never caught on to my ingenuity. It was just easier to hollar for me.

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