Tuesday, March 13, 2007

crazy ladies

I'm addicted to petfinder.com. I thought this morning that I would NOT look for another dog on that website. But I couldn't make it past 11am.
After my Maggie dog had gone away to two people that are 40 years older than me and clearly faster, I knew I had to let go. The Maggie dog was too good to be true. She had a bump on her nose from a bite she got as a small puppy, and because of that the breeder couldn't sell her. So an elderly man took her and trained her, a lot apparently. She could sit, stay, come, sit and wait to eat on command, sit and wait to be dismissed, fix dinner, iron your shirts and take out the trash. The 84 year-old man went to the hospital, and the dog went to his daughter who turned him over to the lab nazis.
So yesterday, K had a day off of school so I drove the boys to the "country" to an animal shelter that I found out about on petfinder. Fran is the lady that runs this "shelter" from her two bedroom home. Imagine what a little cottage house would look like with 35 cats and about 18 dogs. Imagine the smell.
The tiny puppy that was pictured curled up with a cat is now nine months old and part of a pack of wild dogs. She has had little or no interaction with humans. She came in to see us and coward in the corner.
Needless to say Fran the pet lady is a little coo-coo for cocoa puffs, if you know what I mean. K whispered to me as we left, "Do you think she lives here?"
"Yes," I said. "And I think she loves every minute of it."

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