Thursday, March 15, 2007

crazy is as crazy does

You know, I've been around a bit. I've seen the world. I knew there were crazy people out there, thought I met most of them. Thought I was related to a few of them.
Boy was I wrong. There are far more than I thought.

When I went to the coo-coo lady's house out in the country with the pack of wild animals living with her she said, "you know I meet a lot of nuts in this business." She proceeded to tell me about a woman that adopted a cat, "she was NUT and I mean that with a capital N-U-T."

hmm, I thought. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

So I find this dog on craiglist. She is a 1. 5 year old yellow lab/golden retriever. The owner never had her spayed so she had two litters of puppies. A rescuer came in and took the second litter from her and paid to have the dog spayed. The owner wants to give her away now.

I sent her an email inquiring about the dog, that again sounds way too good to be true, she calls me at 11pm last night. Something about the lady sounds really strange.

Now I feel like I have to rescue the dog from her.

I wanted to go get her today. But my hunka wants to go with me. He's worried about us endangering ourselves for the sake of the dog.

She implied that if I do not get the dog, she is going to put her down. All of this because she says she has been diagnosed with the "C word." I think "C word?" what is that.....cooties? crabs? crazy?
clearly the last one

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