Thursday, February 01, 2007

OH brother....

Yesterday these are the words I heard my four-year old speak to his brother, "Who art thou?"

"Who art thou?"

As I type this I can hear him upstairs....chanting that classic Queen song "We Will Rock You."
The boys were exposed to this ditty at a Braves baseball game. Here's how it goes in our house, You know how it starts.....STOMP STOMP CLAP....STOMP STOMP CLAP....STOMP STOMP CLAP....
"we will we will....rock you
and sock you
and flush you down the toilet.
We hope you enjoy it. "

Oh brother who art thou?

1 comment:

Dan said...

He has an ear for language and apparently the ability to take alternative license when he needs to do so. I kind of like his lyrics and probably will never attend another sporting event without thinking about his version when Queen is played.