Friday, February 23, 2007

letterboxing and clubs

The boys and I have discovered a new hobby-- "Letterboxing"
I read about it in Family Fun Magazine a few months ago and it looked way to complicated and like a lot of work.
On further review, my friend Jenny helped simplify it for me. Her kids are even younger than mine and if she could scratch interest in it, I thought I could give it a try.
So with stamp pads and directions in hand we started out. Part scavenger hunt, part nature hike, part math/reading assignment and stamping project we hunted for the hidden treasure.
The boys were thrilled.

This morning, as K readied for school he said, "Me and Joey have started a 'Get Rich Quick Club." As part of their public school experience, they have fast learned fund raising and salesmanship.
This is a marked departure from last year when he said to me as a kindergartener, "Lindsey and Erin let me in their "Girls Only Club." And they let me be the president!"

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