Tuesday, February 06, 2007

black hole of the internet

I am sucked into the internet tonight like an addict chasing a fill.
I bounce from bill pay to a charity search.
I check the baby care schedule of a friend to a search for a dog which I clearly do not need.
I have six email accounts.
I check my sister's, niece's my space pages. I check in on two blogs that I like.
I delete 2893 emails from my work account....I do this one at a time until I cleverly call the tech guy at work to ask him how to highlight the emails to speed this thing up....so now I delete 25 at a time. brutal.
I check out the vacation bible school curriculum for ideas for charities the kids can work for.
I try to put money in an IRA, but the page has rejected me.
I want to pay a bill, but can't find the account number.

I am so tired, but yet I cannot stop. I will regret this at 6am when my morning son will come and wake me for the day.

I feel like I get nothing done, and this is why I don't.

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