Friday, December 08, 2006

uganda be kidding me

I don't know who or why would be reading my blog in Uganda, (or at least that is the closest African country I could figure from my hit map,) but wow, or weird. What a strange little global community we live in.

I made Chicken Tortilla Soup tonight. My friend I went on the scrapbooking weekend with made it the first night we were there. I tried to recreate it from memory and a little help from the internet. The boys topped it with three or four handfuls of cheddar cheese and lots of tortilla chips.

Here's the recipe more or less

2 Poblano peppers chopped
1 onion chopped
2-3 cloves garlic
1 tea cumin
4 chopped tomatoes
3 or 4 C cooked chicken (rotisserie or canned)
1 -2 cups frozen corn or one can corn drained
2 large boxes chicken stock
2 tea worchestire sauce
salt to taste
1 C cilantro chopped
1 lime

1. cook onions, peppers, garlic and cumin in large stock pan until soft
2. add tomatoes and cook a few minutes longer
3. add the rest of the ingredients and simmer
4. squeeze lime in before serving. top with more cilantro, cheese and tortilla chips.

I love cilantro and lime together so I add more than a normal person would I think. I'm also thinking about adding black beans next time.

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