Friday, December 15, 2006

Circle of fuzz

I remember like it was yesterday. My mom took me to the town's fire station for a visit with Santa Claus. I wore very yellow patent leather shoes with buckles, sweater stockings which I hated with all my being, and a very 70's navy and red dress. When I saw the jolly man, it was if a celebrity had appeared. Getting close to him was like a dream. And just like a dream was his beard. All fluffy and flowing, pure white....I had to get my hands on it. So I did. And like I said it was like a dream. The picture shows me sitting on Santa's lap with the side of my face and neck snuggled into the old man's hair and my behind hanging to the side on his knee. If I were good I'd find the picture and post it here. But that is a little too much right now. But I post today because life has an amazing way of going in circles.
Notice how Santa casually grappled the little boy's hands into place.

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