Thursday, December 07, 2006

back to reality

Each day on my weekend, I opened my eyes and looked out the curtainless floor to ceiling windows to the tops of trees as they reached up to the sky. A small river ran through the back yard with small waterfalls.
My weekend was everything I hoped it would be, and then some.
I completed 81 12x12 pages of my scrapbooks. Over half of those pages were of a trip, my mom, sister and I took back in 1985. The magnetic album the photos were stored in had started eating away at most of the pictures. Remarkably the pictures we had developed in Japan had color and form as brilliant as 21 years ago.
The rest of the pictures were of baby's first year.
The baby got sick on Friday while I was gone. Fever and a cough that made him cry. Hunka handled it remarkably well. He talked frequently with the call nurse and took him in to be checked on Saturday. Yesterday was the first full day of him being back to his happy self. Now we just have to get him back on his sleep schedule.
In addition to massive hours spent scrapbooking, I walked daily, ate nutritious food, drank lots of diet beverages, excercised, watched movies, showered when I felt like it, took care of myself...filled up my tank.

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