Tuesday, December 19, 2006

look in the sky

What should I be doing the past few days, decking my halls? baking delicious holiday treats? wrapping presents? What could it be in this last week before Christmas would this mom of three be doing?
Nope, raking leaves of course. Because the weather is something like 100 degrees outside and the leaves didn't get the attention they needed a month or two ago AND because this is the south where trees take their own sweet time dropping leaves.
So I'm outside raking, while my hunka hunka honey lay inside with a bum back. Merry Christmas, I think and then start to obsess about global warming and what damage we are doing to the earth. My hyacinths are poking through the earth about two months before they should be. Buds are forming on trees. OH THE AGONY!
What is going on? Hunka says I (aka "Chicken Little") should just enjoy the 75 degree weather. La la la, how nice it is to send our children to live in a green house.
I watched the Oprah show about global warming and the "Inconvenient Truth" documentary. Let me tell you, it scared me. So now I'm carpooling with another mom and saving about three hours a week in drive time.
I'm out to get my oldest from the bus stop. Then off to rake more leaves...They just keep falling. Or is that the sky?

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