Wednesday, December 20, 2006

one wish

Today I helped with K's Christmas party. Since it is a public school, technically was an "international holiday party." So I did a little thing with the kids on Japanese new year.
I had the kids toss coins into a box, make a wish and clap three times. Then they picked a fortune (written by yours truly Confucius) and tied it to a small tree branch so the wind could carry the wishes away to come true.
One little girl, who was apparently new to the class said she wished for friends, and surprisingly her fortune said that her good and kind nature would bring her many friends. Her eyes lit up with her sheer excitement.
Most of the kids wished for a remote control robot, this or that kind of game. My kid wanted to go into outer space. One kid even wished that his birthday would come more than one day a year.
When I asked a little girl what she wished for she quietly told me that she wished her mommy would get better from brain cancer. This quiet little girl struck a nerve with me in the midst of the mayhem of dredels, donuts and candy poppers. I told her I would make the same wish, so I threw my coins in, clapped three times and said a prayer for her mothers health. Then the rest of the kids asked for more coins so they could wish for her mom to get better too.

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