Wednesday, November 15, 2006

why didn't i think of that

After an exhausting trip around the block trying to teach a 4-year-old how to ride a bike with woobly training wheels, the two of us stretched out on the floor of the toy room staring at the ceiling.

Boy, were we tired and thirsty, but mostly just tired. Way too tired to get up and get a drink. At some point I realized that K's bus would be coming soon, I tried to convince my tuckered pal to get up and check the clock in the kitchen for the time.

"No Mama, I'm too tired." I begged some more in a way you only do when you are tired.

"Mama, what time is it?," he asks also concerned about our schedule. I don't know I say pleading with him to go look at the clock.

"But mama, we have to meet the bus. What time is it?"

back and forth we play this game....get you....not me....i'm too go....

"Mama," Q says, "Why don't you look at your watch?"

So I did. silly me

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