Saturday, November 18, 2006

a frisket a frasket a freezer full...

I have a freezer full of promise.

This week I walked through the frozen food section with a thankful heart for all the people out there that grow, wash and prepare food.
I call it my ode to Marie Callender.

Nevermind her 17 grams of fat in her chicken pot pie. That woman has single-handedly saved my behind at 530pm many a night.

Walmart has expanded their organic and gourmet lines of food lately. So now I can get so much of the foods that I had to make a different trip for right there with all my massively marketed items.

I also buy in bulk. It is a genetic thing. I don't just buy a loaf of bread. I buy four. I've realized that milk freezes and thaws with the same taste.

We bought a freezer four years ago, and life has just never been the same. I love my freezer. It ranks up there with the appliances I love....microwave, TV, refrigerator, washer, dryer.....all things invented to make my life easy. right?

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