Friday, November 24, 2006

deck em

I don't know how people do it.

As I put up the holiday, I mean Christmas, decorations (I know some people are very sensitive about that...more on that later). I don't feel all that merry or bright.

Though the boys are so thrilled with deck the halls and fa-la-la.

I made a big gold bow. My mom was the maker of all bows fancy. She did teach me how to make them years ago, but I have been salvaging her bows from the boxes year after year. Because to use another bow, would seem to be well, just plain wrong. Her bows are sad and ratty by now.

I pulled them out once again and thought that mom would be annoyed with me for hanging such a bad bow for another year.

So I bought a big roll of gold wired ribbon and set to work. I could hear her coaching me from years gone by. And let me tell you I did it. It took a few times, but it is now hanging on my front door. I'm so proud and she must be too.

The boxes of decorations sit in the foyer. There is so much to do. I wonder how I can decorate, when I can barely find the time to do the normal things I'm supposed to take care of kids, feed them, wash them and their clothes.

Oh and here is another thing that gets under my skin lately.

Merry Christmas....Happy Holidays...... Some people seem so bothered that people are taking the "Christ" out of Christmas. I remember being a kid hearing people getting all riled when people would abbreviate Christmas to Xmas.

I say who cares. Say something, say anthing, as long as it is nice. What a change that would be.

People also get all riled about the sacredness of the "Christmas tree." And don't want people calling them "Giving trees," "Holiday trees"....whatever. Isn't this one of Bill O'Reilly's big complaints.
I say puuleeeze. First of all I don't remember Mary and Joseph taking time in Bethlehem to decorate an evergreen pine tree. Second of all, you can call a french fry a "freedom" fry...but it still is what it is....bad for your thighs.

Take a kid to the mall, point out a tree and say what is it? No matter what religion or ethnicity....I bet any kid will say.....ahm it is a Christmas tree, duh.

I wonder why in a nation that is predominately Christian are we so worried that others may have any voice. And for the most part, I think it is Christians trying to be sensitive to other peoples, and concern that they may exclude others. For once as Christians, excluding others, is probably something we should be able to avoid at Christmas.

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