Thursday, August 02, 2007

August starts

An update on the baby.....He is on the mend. Though now that I think about I'm sitting in Starbucks for my $3 vacation. I'm wondering if anyone at home remembered to hold the poor dear down and squirt antibiotics into the back of his throat while I've been out.

The glands on the left side of his neck are shrinking, though not as fast as I'd like them. Peach pit would describe them. The literature they gave me says to allow more time than I have the patience for.

We are about to embark on a milestone in the boys' life. K and Q are going on their first sleep over. They are out of their minds with anticipation. They're staying with Patty who for the most part is like an aunt to them. They looooove her and she them.

They are very interested in the little taste of life they will get in their brief bit without mama and papa. Patty lives in an apartment, which is the source of much conversation around here.

To be continued....

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