Sunday, August 19, 2007


This is the day.....I'm writing it down....Sunday, August 19th.

There are days like today when you look at your kid and think hey, what happened to you. They change so fast and although it is a happens overnight.

Like today, Baby KC just seems to be more of a human being and not the whirling dervish he so often is. He said "uh-oh." And this is huge in my personal mother's book of milestones. Especially for a kid that doesn't talk much, if at all. I feel like once a baby says "uh-oh" he is on his way. Thing just seem to roll from there.

Also....and this is a big one.

As I've mentioned before, I have to tape the baby's diaper on, because he takes it off constantly.

Well three days in a row little houdini has figured his way out of them and did various forms of business in his crib and or from the crib onto the floor.

I've reached my ends with that baby, and then today. He took off his diaper in the living room, walked over to his little potty, sat down and pooped.

Much jubilation followed ....m&m's, dancing, wiggles and ice cream flowed.

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