Tuesday, August 14, 2007

eyes and feet and hands and mouth

ok so the baby had strep throat a couple weeks ago, right.

sunday he started with a spotty rash. monday he spiked a fever.

and after spending last night and this morning researching rubella, rocky mountain spotted fever, small pox and assorted other diseases.....i decided to call the nurse.

and just because i love packing children in the car, finding alternate child care arrangements for the elementary child getting off the bus soon, trying to entertain and contain a wild almost two-year old in a germ infested space, paying $15 for them to tell me it is only a virus....i went in.

because she said so.
doc said hand foot and mouth disease.

turns out it is that time of year again. both older boys had it when they were younger and it looked different in each one. although maybe this is the kind of thing they just give this diagnosis to when they don't know what it is and don't have any solutions for you.

i think *THINK* the baby may have said some words. "Jeff" "Murray" (both very dear wiggle dudes) "apple" though i cannot confirm.

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